My List of the Best Top 10 Low-FODMAP Food & Snacks by Dr Rachel Pauls

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I have been following a modified low-FODMAP diet for over 6 years, and it completely alleviates my IBS.  I am so ecstatic about a low-FODMAP diet, that it inspired my blog, recipes and all my low-FODMAP food products.

On my modified low-FODMAP diet, there are certain things that I really enjoy. Here is my list of the best low-FODMAP food and snacks I absolutely could not live without.  These are MY personal top 10 low-FODMAP food choices to keep my tummy happy and my energy up.

While I often gravitate to similar food choices week after week,  the one area I try to mix it up is with my fruits, vegetables and grains.  That is the way I keep my gut aligned and my intestinal microbiome ‘diverse’. Luckily, there are MANY options that are safe for a low-FODMAP diet.  See my low-FODMAP Happy Gut Guide for more details!

Check out my list of the Top 10 BEST Low-FODMAP Food and Snacks below, and for other ideas, peruse over 400 more low-FODMAP recipes on my blog or read my low-FODMAP 5 Day Meal Plan.  IBS-friendly.

Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

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the low-fodmap IBS solution

The Best Top 10 List of Low-FODMAP Food (& Snacks) According to Dr Rachel Pauls

  1. Protein: Chicken and Turkey
  2. Happy Spices
    • Spice is the best part of eating.  My low-FODMAP Happy Spices make it simple to enjoy your favorite flavors without onion or garlic. Try my low-FODMAP Chili and you will see for yourself. Delish.
  3. Carrots
    • While I love a lot of veggies, carrots are simple to have on hand and have NO FODMAPS. Winner!
    • For a sweeter twist, I opt for my low-FODMAP Glazed Carrots.
  4. Happy Bars and Happy Jerky
    • No surprise, I live on my low-FODMAP Energy Bars and Beef Jerky.  They are tasty, healthy and filling.  My favorites are Peanut Chocolate Euphoria, Peanut Maple Pleasure, Banana Chocolate Glee, Chocolate Chip Delight and Tangy Jerky.
    • NO ONION AND NO GARLIC in the jerky!  You heard right!!
  5. Strawberries
    • A beautiful, nutritious and superb fruit, that is also low-FODMAP in 150g servings.  I enjoy strawberries in my low-FODMAP Strawberry Smoothies every weekend!
  6. Grains: Oats, Rice, Quinoa
  7. Happy Soup
  8. Canned and Fresh Fish
  9. Potatoes
  10. Happy Baking and Dark Chocolate (chips, squares or bars)

I could go on and on, but these above are really my Top 10 BEST Low-FODMAP Foods for meals, snacks, or any time of day.  What are your favorites? 🙂

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