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We create delicious laboratory certified low-FODMAP food from the recipes of FODMAP expert Dr. Rachel Pauls.

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100% Real Comments & Reviews About Us

"The Banana Chocolate is my favorite!"

~ Tiffanie T

"I've been reading and cooking your cookbook all day. It's absolutely wonderful. Love how simple the recipes are. THANK YOU!"

~ T. Catrina

"Love, love, love happy bars!!"

~ Alisha S

"Love your products & so easy to order! I'm just glad I found you, it makes life much happier :)"

~ Patty W

"Love the orange chocolate Happy Bars!"

~ Bethany M

"OMG! Just got my 1st Happy Bars order. I purchased the variety box and just tried peanut chocolate good."

~ Ronika A

"I use your cookbook every week! Thanks for sharing such great recipes!"

~ S Kelmo

"Happy Jerky is delicious!"

~ Kari

"I’m so grateful to find your recipes and I have your (cook)book as well. This has changed my life and I savor every bite. Thank you!

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~ Jeanne

"My husband loves the Hot Jerky"

~ Kate S

"Your beef jerky is the best thing ever and has helped me stay on track with my IBS diet for the past 6 months. I am so grateful for your product!"

~ Annie D

"The (COOKBOOK) recipes are delicious and easy on the tummy! My son is a picky eater and he loves everything I have made from the book. "

~ Heather B

"Best bar ever!"

~ Chris A

"Used the chocolate cake mix this weekend to make cupcakes for my son's birthday. They were so delicious! Thank you so much!!"

~ Delilah M

"I'm thrilled to be the owner of your new book. You have been a beacon of hope and information for me, more than you can imagine. Thank you so very much."

~ Francine W

"I've tried all (Happy Bar) flavors and I LOVE them. Thanks for making such a great snack for those of us with tight dietary restrictions! "

~ Ari E

"Love the chocolate and vanilla cake mix...taste delicious."

~ Amanda M

"Love the bars and fast shipping!"

~ Nicole B

"Happy bars are delicious! The flavors are all amazing, but the Orange-Chocolate bar is phenomenal! "

~ Donna Z

"The steak spice is delicious!"

~ Kamryn H

"Happy Bars are delicious. Thank you!"

~ Vicki D

"I just bought a set (Happy Jerky) and it's super delicious!"

~ Andrena O

"I love the book!"

~ Elizabeth M

"Thanks for making this (Beef Base Happy Soup) Product!"

~ Ken I

"These are the best brownies I’ve ever had, so rich and as it states on the box, Fudgy. I will definitely be buying again."

~ Lora S

"Orange Chocolate Ecstasy is my favorite flavor combo! You are the first to have in nutrition bars that I have seen!!"

~ Rebecca H

"Great Products!"

~ Adele B

"Happy Bars are my go-to energy bar for morning pre-workout fuel!"

~ Jesy H

"I just purchased your book. Thanks for all the great info on your website."

~ Felicia J

"Her cookbook is my favorite low-FODMAP recipe book so far. And I have gone through many!"

~ Kaitlyn B

"We recently discovered Happy Bars and found them to be great for anyone following a low-FODMAP diet."

~ MTHR Nutrition

"My patients love Happy Bars!"

~ Patty G

"I made the fudgy brownies for my sister who has Celiac disease...she said they are the BEST gluten-free brownies she has ever had! Thank you!"

~ Emily A

"Happy Jerky is the perfect snack to throw into your backpack for when you need an easy snack on-the-go."

~ Spoon University

"Orange Chocolate Ecstasy and Chocolate Chip. Love them both!"

~ Elaine Z

"My son got me your cookbook for Xmas! Love it!"

~ Anne H

"I cannot recommend this book by Dr. Pauls highly enough. I purchased it when my doctor recommended I try a low fodmap diet. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, and this book helped me understand the process and provided a huge variety of delicious, easy to prepare meals. I feel so much better on the low fodmap diet and I don’t feel at all deprived, because the recipes are so good. "

~ Tyler

"Happy Bars are amazing! Easy to grab and go ...we love them!!!"

~ Krista M

"I recently purchased your Low-Fodmap recipe book, and its absolutely great!"

~ Deborah

"I found your 4-week diet/recipe book (Low FODMAP IBS Solution Plan and Cookbook)and it worked SO well for me! Real, simple food that tastes good! My family have enjoyed some of the recipes too. Thank you for being a resource!"

~ Michelle W

"I LOVE Happy Bars!"

~ Jack P

"My kids love the jerky- they say it tastes better than Twizzlers licorice! Huge win!!"

~ Austin H.

"I love all your recipes. I bought the book!"

~ Vicky B

"The Happy Jerky was delicious!"

~ Kari M

"They (Happy Bars) were so good."

~ Lexi H

"I love the Jerky!"

~ Nora K

"Love these bars so much"

~ Jenny P

"Chocolate Chip Delight Happy Bars make both me and my belly happy! Thanks Dr. Rachel."

~ Cornelius L

"My 10-year old twins love these bars (Happy Bars)!"

~ Lauren O

"Low FODMAP and GLUTEN FREE!!!!! Happy Bars are really good and super convenient!"

~ Nancy W

"I love this (cook)book! I stumbled across Rachel’s website by accident when looking up solutions for my health problems and it has changed my life!"

~ Riley F

"Just tried the Peanut Chocolate Euphoria Happy Bar and it is FANTASTIC!! I haven't had a granola bar since I started low fodmap and this is so good!! "

~ Hannah L

"Best collection of FODmap recipes around!"

~ Chava K

"I just got another package (Happy Jerky) today. Can’t wait to eat more."

~ Terena Y

"I have been buying your Happy Bars for several months. The bar is softer and less dense than others I've had. I'm glad to have this Low FODMAP option. "

~ Julie J

"Peanut Chocolate Euphoria is DELICIOUS!"

~ Claudia D

" I very much enjoy your Happy Soup. It enhances and compliments so many things. A home run!"

~ Jim A

"I love the recipes in "The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan & Cookbook". They have great flavor. Best resource I’ve found for IBS and low FODMAP. It is my go to book."


"The other FODMAP products I've tried either don't taste good or hurt my teeth to chew. Happy Bars are soft, tasty and full of protein. I'm so glad I found these!"

~ Rochelle S

"I just submitted a pre-order for the new cookbook. I LOVE RP's first cookbook and can't wait to get this newest one and start trying the reintroduction plan. The low FODMAP diet has changed my life and it was only by finding RPs first cookbook and a couple other key cookbooks I figured out my enjoyment of food doesn't have to be over and I can still have most of the things I love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making that possible"

~ Heather T

"My husband says the Chocolate Chip Delight is the best energy bar he has EVER eaten. Not just since FODMAP."

~ Jenn G

"Love your Happy Bars. So nice to have something to grab when needing a snack, especially traveling!"

~ Hollie W

"These bars are delicious!"

~ Kaitlin C

"I have a Peanut Maple Bar for breakfast every day! Love it!"

~ Nicole P

"Just tried Happy Bars for the first time and they are fantastic! These will save me!"

~ Drew N

"The Italian and Taco Seasonings are AMAZING. I'm ordering my second round today!"

~ Sheila R

"My go-to bars, they taste incredible and fill me up! I love them all, but Peanut Chocolate is my favorite."

~ Mary J

"I would highly recommend this (Cook)book for any kitchen!"

~ Jaime H

"My new favorite snack bar (Happy Bars). Delish and low-FODMAP."

~ Leah S
Good Food, Good Mood

We create delicious lab certified low-FODMAP food from the recipes of FODMAP expert Dr. Rachel Pauls. Enjoy Happy Bars (low-FODMAP energy bars), Happy Baking (low-FODMAP baking mixes), Happy Soup (low-FODMAP soup bases) & Happy Spices (low-FODMAP spice blends)!



Perfect for that on-the-go snack or pick-me-up after a workout, Happy Bars are delicious low-FODMAP, gluten-free energy bars. Try each one of our 6 delectable flavors. They will make you happy!

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Yummy low-FODMAP Happy Bars are baked from a short list of gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients that make them high in protein, rich in taste and good for you.

Made from Dr. Pauls’ homemade low-FODMAP recipes, these delicious, chewy energy bars come in six decadent flavors!

Try these amazing low-FODMAP Certified Happy Bars!

Make my belly Happy

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Contains Antioxidants and Healthy Fats


Contains Protein, Fiber and Healthy Fats

Organic Oats

Contains Fiber and Antioxidants


Brown Rice Crisps

Contains Protein and Fiber


Contains Numerous Antioxidants


Contains Protein, Fiber and Healthy Fats