Dr. Rachel’s BEST Low-FODMAP Lunch Recipes; Gluten-free

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If you were asking yourself…what should I eat for lunch while on the low-FODMAP diet, I have the answer for you!

I have amazing recipe ideas for a low-FODMAP lunch.  Delicious meals that are gluten-free and IBS-friendly.

Photo: Middle Eastern Chickpea Salad

I feel like lunch is the meal that gets the least attention. I don’t understand why that is!

Sure, breakfast is a great start to the day (hence my amazing low-FODMAP Breakfast blog).   Dinner is the meal we like to enjoy surrounding by family and friends (check out my Best low-FODMAP Family Meals, Easy and Kid Friendly). But lunch is the fuel that propels us through the day.  It keeps us productive in the afternoons, which is not an easy task!

My low-FODMAP lunch recipes are delicious, healthy AND satisfying. I have everything from low-FODMAP salads to low-FODMAP sandwiches, soups and hot meals.

I also have an amazing blog dedicated to Low-FODMAP Lunch Packing Made Easy.  For both school age children and adults!  Look there for some basics like peanut butter and strawberry jam, deli turkey sandwiches, and more.

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Or check out over 500 more low-FODMAP recipes on the blog!  IBS-friendly.

Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

Photo: Cajun Tuna Sandwich or Tuna Melt

P.S.  Check out my new COOKBOOK for over 100 low-FODMAP recipes, low-FODMAP Meal Plan, FODMAP Tips and everything you need!!  It’s the BEST!

the low-fodmap IBS solution

More added all the time!  Check back soon!

Also read my favorite Low-FODMAP 5 Day Meal Plan and Low-FODMAP Free FODMAP Guide to help you get started on the right foot!

Photo: Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

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