Dr. Rachel’s Best Collection of Low-FODMAP Family Meals; Easy and Kid Friendly

Are you looking for easy, delicious and healthy low-FODMAP family meal options so that you can enjoy eating with everyone? Are you searching for IBS-friendly recipes? Is your partner or children following the low-FODMAP diet?  Maybe you just need some yummy and hearty gluten-free options?

You can find all of that in this low-FODMAP, IBS-friendly list of recipes for family meals that are good-for-you and taste amazing.  Several of these use the Slow-Cooker to make it even simpler.

If you are searching for low-FODMAP cakes, cookies or treats– check out the links for other great low-FODMAP lists.  I also have low-FODMAP recipes for low-FODMAP ketchup, low-FODMAP ranch dip, low-FODMAP barbecue sauce and low-FODMAP pickles. Or peruse side dishes like low-FODMAP Glazed Carrots, low-FODMAP Stir Fry Vegetables, low-FODMAP Potato Salad and low-FODMAP Coleslaw.

Check out over 200 more low-FODMAP recipes on my IBS-friendly blog.

Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

Best Collection of Low-FODMAP Family Meals; Kid Friendly

low fodmap chicken parmesan

low fodmap beef stew in casserole

low fodmap teriyaki chicken casserole

  • more added all the time!  check back soon 🙂

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