Dr. Rachel’s Top 11 Tips and Tricks for the Low-FODMAP Diet (that no one ever tells you)

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This is the source you need!  The BEST Tips on the Low-FODMAP Diet.  Get the know-how from a seasoned expert!

I’ve now been following a low-FODMAP diet for over 7 years, and there is definitely a learning curve.  Here are the top FODMAP tips and tricks I have learned about the low-FODMAP diet that I wish I had known from the start.  Hope these help you on your journey to being healthy and happy!  My Top 11 low-FODMAP Diet how-to’s!

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Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

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Dr. Rachel’s Top 11 tips and tricks for following a low-FODMAP diet

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #1:

    • FODMAPS are water-soluble but not fat-soluble. That means, if you cook soup with onion and take the onion out, there are still onion FODMAPs in the soup. Do not eat it! It is safe to use onion-infused oils, since FODMAPS are not fat-soluble, just the taste will remain 🙂 .

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #2:

  • High-FODMAP ingredients may have confusing names. Inulin is high-FODMAP, as is chicory root, FOS, fructose-glucose, isomalt, etc.   Carry a list of these additives (Related Post: Dr. Rachel’s How to Read Low-FODMAP Labels) so you can be label-savvy.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #3:

  • If a product appears to have a lot more fiber than you would expect, be suspicious of hidden FODMAP additives. Example: microwave white rice that has 5 g of fiber per serving, this is likely from fiber additives and could cause you GI issues.  This may not be low-FODMAP after all!

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #4:

  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is in MANY foods and condiments: frozen meals, ketchup, mayonnaise, juices, energy bars, popcorn. Read labels.  It surprises me sometimes too. If it has HFCS it is likely not low-FODMAP.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #5:

  • ‘Natural’ flavors in savory soups, broths, frozen foods often contain hidden FODMAPs.  Assume these contain onion and garlic, and opt to stay away from large amounts of these additives in a meal.  Not low-FODMAP!

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #6:

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #7:

  • Beverages can contain FODMAPS. Coffee with chicory is not low-FODMAP. Chamomile, dandelion, fennel, strong black, and oolong teas are not low-FODMAP. Just because it has no net carbohydrates does not mean there are not FODMAPs in it.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #8:

  • ‘Healthy’ does not mean low-FODMAP. Apples, asparagus, and agave are good for your health, but not good for IBS and IBS-like symptoms.  There are plenty of other great choices that are not likely to upset your tummy but are just as nourishing.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #9:

  • Lactose levels are the issue behind dairy foods for FODMAPPERS. Some dairy products are low in FODMAPs (ex: butter) since they are low in lactose.  However, if you are allergic to milk or milk protein, then you should still avoid these items.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #10:

  • PORTION SIZE IS THE KEY TO THIS WHOLE DIET. Low-FODMAP is always in context of a portion. This can be hard, I know. For example with fruits and vegetables, it may be difficult to stick to 10 raspberries or ½ cup canteloupe. But be wise, and know how much you grab from the bowl or you could be getting too much of that product.

Low-FODMAP Diet Tip #11:

  • FODMAP fact: what you eat all day adds up- this is called ‘stacking’. So be aware that if you have a bellyache after dinner, it may be related to your lunch and snack, not just what you ate for your nightly meal!

Finally – enjoy eating! Many foods are low-FODMAP that you can enjoy in abundance.  Check out over 400 low-FODMAP recipes for some great gourmet meal ideas, or grab some low-FODMAP Happy Bars and Happy Jerky for easy snacking (or one of my other delicious low-FODMAP food products!)

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