The Good Mood Story

My inspiration for Happy Bars and Happy Jerky came after a long search for healthy low-FODMAP convenience food options. Since I couldn’t find any, I decided to make my own! As a busy doctor and mom, who follows a low-FODMAP diet, I often need a healthy convenient snack to get me through a hectic day.

In the kitchen, I utilized my baking and cooking skills to create yummy, healthy recipes. Then in the lab, I applied my medical expertise to analyze FODMAP content. The result is Happy Bars and Happy Jerky, delicious low-FODMAP convenience food!

Each Happy Bar Contains:

less than 0.5g of FODMAPs

8g-10g of protein

3g of fiber

Healthy fats derived from

either peanuts, almonds or sunflower seeds

200-215 calories

Healthy & Happy

Now, millions of people, like me, can more easily manage their digestive issues and live healthier, happier lives.

Looking forward, Rachel Pauls Food has several other low-FODMAP food products under development. Our mission is to bring a wide variety of delicious, low-FODMAP food to everyone!