Low-FODMAP Packed lunches (for school or work) made easy; Dr. Rachel’s Packing List of Low-FODMAP foods on the go

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Helping your child eat low FODMAP can be challenging, particularly when it comes to school or summer-camp lunches. It needs to be both tummy-safe and tasty, so even a picky eater will enjoy it. With three fussy children of my own, I can understand how hard this may be!

Here is my list of convenient, yummy, healthy low-FODMAP packed lunch options; your go-to low-FODMAP food list for packing meals on the go.  Hopefully they help make a tough task easier, and keep your little superstar feeling healthy and happy.

But don’t stop with your child’s lunch…you can also use my low-FODMAP Packed Lunch list for your own briefcase or work bag.  Packing lunch for your daily routine will enable you to be more compliant with a low-FODMAP lifestyle AND eat a healthy and satisfying meal.  You may also like my low-FODMAP Salad Bar/Salad-in-a-jar blog for another awesome lunch option.

P.S. Always double-check labels to ensure no high-FODMAP additives.

P.P.S. Our  free Happy Gut Guide will provide other low-FODMAP food options and low-FODMAP food lists

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Be healthy and happy,

Rachel Pauls, MD

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Low-FODMAP Packed Meals/ Lunch Packing Made Easy

Low-FODMAP Sandwiches

Low-FODMAP Fruits & Vegetables

  • Good options are a single serving of oranges, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, kiwi, pineapple, grapes, cucumber, tomato, carrots, cucumber or dried cranberries
  • Check out my low-FODMAP Salad-in-a-jar recipe blog for a more adult low-FODMAP packed lunch option, or my low-FODMAP 5 Day Meal Plan for other helpful hints

Low-FODMAP Sides for packed lunch/snacks

  • Low-FODMAP sides/snacks can include rice-based/gluten-free crackers (check ingredients), string cheese sticks, plain or salt & vinegar potato chips (check no added onion/garlic powder), peanuts or other mixed nuts (no cashews or pistachios), lactose-free yogurt (check no fruit juice or high fructose corn syrup), rice cakes, Toasted Oat cereal, popcorn, corn or tortilla chips, low-FODMAP Cinnamon Sugar Baked Banana Chips, low-FODMAP Happy Jerky and low-FODMAP Happy Bars

Low-FODMAP Dessert/treats

Enjoy getting back to school!

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