The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan & Cookbook

The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan and Cookbook is your guide to successfully navigating the low-FODMAP diet and reducing IBS symptoms.

If you’re one of the 45 million Americans suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), eating food may be the start of a vicious cycle. This book will provide everything you need to stop this cycle and heal your gut, using the medically proven low-FODMAP diet.

This easy-to-understand introduction to the low-FODMAP diet features a 4-week meal plan to guide you through the first phases, and more than 100 delicious low-FODMAP, gluten-free recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes. Plus, you’ll receive sound, results-based advice from internationally recognized physician, surgeon, and researcher Dr. Rachel Pauls, who uses the low-FODMAP diet to treat her own IBS symptoms.

Inside, you’ll find guidance and recipes that put you back in control. Enjoy mealtime once again with dishes such as:

  • Lemon Blueberry Mug Muffins
  • Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos
  • Lemon Chicken with Rotini and Vegetables
  • Tangy Turkey Sloppy Joes
  • Peanut Pad Thai
  • Hummus Pizza with Greek Salad
  • Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Bars
  • Chewy Brownie Cookies with Walnuts

Make this book the start of a healthier happier lifestyle and a healthier, happier you.


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“Rachel Pauls, MD has leveraged her experiences as a physician, patient, and entrepreneur to create a tour de force which will help persons with digestive issues better understand the why, how, and how long of the low FODMAP diet plan. I will be adding The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution and Cookbook to my patient’s reading list.”

– William D. Chey, MD, Nostrant Collegiate Professor of Gastroenterology & Nutrition Sciences Director, University of Michigan

“This new entry to the FODMAP bookshelf is compact, beautifully designed, and easy to read. Dr. Pauls’ collection of tasty and easy recipes for the elimination phase of the diet include 13 hard-to-find vegetarian and vegan main dishes, illustrated by many lovely full-color photos.”

– Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD, founder of IBS – Free At Last! & author of The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook

“The low FODMAP diet is a godsend for the great majority of those with IBS, but understanding it – and finding great low FODMAP food to eat – can be a challenge. Rachel Pauls, MD has the answers for you in this book. The diet information is well laid out and accessible, and the recipes tantalize. Get ready for over 100 recipes to keep you satisfied and IBS symptom free.”

– Dédé Wilson, Co-Founder of FODMAP Everyday & author of The Low-FODMAP Diet Step by Step

“Rachel’s medical expertise combined with her personal experience with IBS make this book shine. The recipes are simple and flavorful. With all the practical tips & tricks for grocery shopping & meal planning, this cookbook is a must-have resource for patients embarking on the low FODMAP diet!”

– Andrea Hardy, RD, owner of Ignite Nutrition
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