Dr. Rachel Pauls Presented her Latest FODMAP Research at the FNCE Food and Nutrition Expo in Chicago, October 2017

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October 22, 2017: Dr. Rachel Pauls presented her findings at the FNCE Food and Nutrition Expo in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Pauls’s research focuses on the results of a large USA population survey of 1718 men and women.  The survey explored gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in 161 patients with IBS compared to 1116 controls.  This is among the largest sample in the literature and sheds new light on the issues of digestive symptoms and food intolerances.

Findings from this study will help implement outreach programs and fuel awareness of the low-FODMAP diet as an important intervention.

Dr. Pauls plans to submit her manuscript for publication in the near future.


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